Taxi advertising

We provide a digital advertising platform in 4+1 taxis in and around Maseru.

Screen installations

With our taxi head-rest screens, our clients are able to use both motion and still images to capture and reinvigorate the love and attract new customers to their brand.


We expose and showcases our clients' ads to at least TWELVE THOUSAND views per month guaranteed in 4+1 taxis.

About IQ Media


We aim become the number one solutions provider for out of home digital advertising in Africa, driven by a work environment that allows for a prescient mindset that responds to todays problems with tomorrows solutions. We aim to Become a leading out of home advertising platform provider in Lesotho region by 2025. Grow into a 21st century company that responds to to customers advertising problems with a customer centric innovative and effective solution.


Customer service

We exist not only to serve our customers but also to provide the best customer experience to our clients, hence, we believe that investment in relationships that always puts our customers first is not just merely an option but mandatory on us.


We believe in order to become the best in what we do, we need to build a company that accommodates bold thinking and encourages not only innovation but also unorthodox thinking and effective solutions to our customers unique problems.


We believe adherence to the highest moral standards that encorages honesty, trust, good behavior and fairness in our employees and dealing not only guarantees success for us as a business but also sustanability as well.

The Team

Relebohile C. Morienyane

Managing Director

Kopano Mokoma

Director of Operations

Mphetole Mona

Finance Director

Lehlohonolo Sekokotoana

Chief Technology Officer

Based on a strong belief in the phrase “Team work devides the task and multiplies the success” we believe building teams that work to break down the problem guarantees a much faster, innovative and effective solution to our customers unique problems.


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